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We’re a team that has developed AR VR games and other applications for clients from around the world. In AR, using marker-based, marker-less, and location-based technologies, Resan Technologies has developed games and other interactive applications. And in VR, we’ve created games, training simulations, marketing, and promotional tools, and more. Being one of the best AR VR development services providers, we use advanced game engines and various development tools like Unity3D, ARkit, Unreal, Vuforia, WebXR, ARCore, etc. Contact us now!

AR/VR Development Services

Resan Technologies has the expertise associated with AR VR development services as this domain results in the event of creative solutions, thereby augmenting your business. The AR and VR apps developed by us serve to feature value to your brand and be at the forefront of the extreme competition within the market all done by our unique work methodology.

This leads to more brand recognition and visibility for your brand. We are the right affordable choice for you to develop the simplest solutions associated with your proposals and. Avail our services to urge your innovative proposals to be transformed into an astounding reality.

Our zealous proficient team features the knack and talent to make the VR and AR products as supported by your needs. We offer interactive solutions that serve to accomplish a spread of purposes like entertainment, gaming, and academic purposes to call a number of the industries we affect.

Resan Technologies allow brands to interact with their audience in immersive ways. Brands have increasingly used computer game (VR) and augmented reality (AR) media to make new connections between their products or services and their audience. Designers have used VR and AR to make games, instructional content, and lots of other sorts of new media experiences.

Augmented reality (AR) and computer games (VR) are increasingly important in Resan Technologies operations.

We develop tailored products consistent with the requirements of our business, market offerings and collaboration opportunities with vendors. AR and VR support myriad opportunities for us to plan projects during a timely manner, develop solutions to complex construction problems and increase the security of our people.

  • The Difference between Virtual Reality (VR) vs. Augmented reality (AR)

    Virtual reality is a fully immersive experience that makes everything a user sees a software created 3D environment where spatial data produces a rendering of surrounding design making it “real”. It’s a technology that permits us to experience virtual worlds and to maneuver and touch as if we were there in space. A VR project often requires the utilization of specially designed hardware to completely engage with a user’s senses to supply a completely three-dimensional user experience.

    AR creates digital elements to the user’s real-life events. By employing a device sort of a smartphone, AR can superimpose text, graphics, and audio features upon a user’s view of the important world. AR can enrich the user experience of their surroundings, offering a strong thanks to expand on your brand’s influence and reach. Determining the goals of your project will assist you decide which sort of reality media would be the perfect presentation for your audience.

  • Find the proper Talent

    The directory of VR production companies and AR production companies on Resan technologies lists candidates with the talent and technology to make extraordinary immersive experiences for your brand. Use Resan technologies to get outstanding production companies for hire for your next VR or AR project!

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